Top 10 "Extended Warranty" Tips

By: Dave's Garage at COPilot

COPilot is America's first and only true automotive benefits Membership, not an Extended Warranty. Read on to see how we separate ourselves from the typical Extended Warranty with which you may be familiar.

1) Always Read the Contract Before You Buy
Be sure to see and read the Terms and Conditions of any warranty or service contract you are considering. Most companies will not show you the contract before you purchase.
COPilot will always advise you of the exact coverage offered and provide you with a copy of the Member Agreement before signing up. There is no long term contract and you may cancel at any time.

2) Know Where Repairs Can Be Done
Some extended warranties restrict you to only their repair shops or their dealerships. There is nothing worse than being broken down on the road on a Sunday and the only authorized repair shops are closed or hundreds of miles away.
While COPilot has reputable Preferred Service Providers available, you can still take your vehicle to any repair facility you choose.

3) Know How Claims Are Paid
Some companies require you to pay for the repair in full first before you submit a claim to be reimbursed. The better warranty companies will always pay the repair shop directly.
COPilot has implemented the innovative VPay automated system that sends a virtual credit card directly to the repair facility as soon as the claim is authorized. COPilot also automatically emails you regarding your claim status duirng the process and upon completion.

4) Know the Deductible and How It’s Applied
Is the deductible per visit or per repair? Per repair can cost you much more out of pocket if multiple problems are diagnosed when your vehicle is in for a repair. The better plans apply the deductible per visit so you pay only a single deductible regardless of the number of components needing repair or however many parts are needed.
The COPilot standard $100 deductible is per visit for mechanical breakdown claims. Many of the services offered by COPilot do not require a deductible at all!

5) Understand How the Expiration Mileage is Calculated
Most warranties expire when your odometer reaches the policy mileage or in addition to your odometer miles when you purchase the coverage. Once you become a Member of COPilot, there is no expiration, regardless of the vehicle age or mileage!

6) Know the Cancellation Policy
By law, most extended warranty policies or service contracts can be cancelled, however some cannot. Typically you have 30 to 60 days to cancel a policy and get a 100% refund (varies from state to state). After this initial period you will receive a pro-rated refund based on how many miles or months you were covered and any claims filed. Companies typically have a $50-$75 cancellation fee that is deducted from your refund. Also, since most extended warranties are financed, refunds are typically paid to the Lienholder.
COPilot is a month to month automotive benefits membership with no long term contracts, which you are able to cancel at any time with a low cancellation fee of only $25 with no long term pro-rated loss. Since COPilot is never financed, you never have to worry about interst expense or a refund going somehwere you don't intend.

7) Is There a Transfer Option?
A transferable warranty will increase the resale value of your vehicle. Companies typically charge a fee to transfer the warranty.
With COPilot, the Membership follows the Member, not the vehicle. If you decide to replace your vehicle, your membership automatically transfers to your new vehicle and your status will stay the same! The new owner of your vehicle can join COPilot with no Membership fee and continue coverage for the original vehicle!

8) Get an Inspection
Have your vehicle inspected by a certified mechanic and have them put it in writing. This usually costs less than $100 and will avoid any questions or denials by the warranty company claiming a pre-existing condition.
COPilot offers a free multi-point vehicle inspection at any of our Preferred Service Providers.

9) Keep a Copy of the Policy in Your Car
You’d be surprised by the number of people who have a breakdown and don’t have the warranty company’s phone number or roadside assistance number with them. Always keep a copy in your glove box.
With COPilot, your Member Agreement is always at your fingertips with our secure online Dashboard feature and your COPilot Card. You can log onto your Dashboard at any time with a laptop, phone, or tablet to view your Member Agreement, service history, and claims history.

10) Perform Your Routine Maintenance
Always perform the manufacturer’s routine maintenance as recommended in their guidelines. Not only does this lessen the chance of problems occurring, it can also help you will avoid a potential claims denial.
COPilot will pay for a lot of your maintenance! A COPilot Membership includes additional benefits such as free oil changes, tire rotations, multipoint inspections, and even annual state safety inspections!

At COPilot, We Keep YOU in Control. Visit or call 855-4-COPILOT for more information.

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