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Dave is an actual ASE-Certified Master Technician who most would classify as a gear head. More importantly, Dave is at the heart of COPilot's automotive expertise and plays a valued part of the COPilot team. We’ve created Dave’s Garage as a virtual garage where Members and Dave can exchange ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and general car care tips.

Dave will keep you posted via his Facebook page and YouTube channel, along with articles on automotive issues you may or may not know about. He’ll provide answers to the most frequently-asked questions submitted directly by you and by other Members and most of all, keep you entertained.

So, feel free to browse through Dave’s tool chest and see what you can pick up. Don’t forget to click here to stop by the shop and leave Dave a note or check out the other great automotive references below! To submit a question to one of our ASE-Certified Technicians and learn important tips, tricks and lessons specifically related to your vehicle, please visit the Dave’s Garage Facebook page.

Unlike most typical extended warranty or service contract administrators, the COPilot team enjoys interacting with our Members and looks forward to providing important information to help make your vehicle last! Let us know how we can make your Membership more valuable.

Dave's Videos

Dave's Garage provides COPilot Members and consumers in general with access to automotive service experts at COPilot, the nation's fastest-growing and best alternative to traditional extended warranty programs.

Frequently, Dave will post helpful videos here, mostly in response to requests made by COPilot Members, and those in the automotive community who follow COPilot. These videos may include how-to assistance for basic automotive repairs or upgrades you can preform on your vehicle, or information about important ideas trending in the automotive industry.

Click the button below to view more videos on our Dave's Garage YouTube Channel. Let us know what you think, or if there's something you'd like to see presented here!

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Dave's Articles

My Car Will Not Start!

By: Dave's Garage at COPilot

How many times have you been ready to go someplace, walked out of the house, got in your car, turned the key and nothing happens? More than any of us would like to experience right? Most vehicles have 3 basic needs in order for the engine to run: Battery Voltage, Fuel & Air. Here are a few easy procedures to help the average individual with no mechanical knowledge narrow down the problem.

The first thing to do is check...

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Winterize Your Vehicle

By: Dave's Garage at COPilot

With cooler weather here, it is very important to prepare your vehicle for the season. If you live in a cold-weather state, or perhaps if you are planning to visit family in a colder area over the winter holidays, the following tips could save you money and even your life!    


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Top 10 "Extended Warranty" Tips

By: Dave's Garage at COPilot

COPilot is America's first and only true automotive benefits Membership, not an Extended Warranty. Read on to see how we separate ourselves from the typical Extended Warranty with which you may be familiar.

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What Do You Know About Your Vehicle's Radiator?

By: Dave's Garage at COPilot

A radiator is a device that exchanges heat from the engine with the outside, cooler air. The failures can be complex, but preventable with basic knowledge.

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Simple Tricks to Extend Your Battery Life

By: Dave's Garage at COPilot

Your car battery is extremely important as it allows your vehicle to start and run.  Check out this quick article for money-saving tips on how to extend your battery's life.

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5 Things Your Mechanic Wants to Tell You

By: Dave's Garage at COPilot

Mechanics have a lot that they want to tell their customers, sometimes they can't either because they risk losing their job, or because they don't want to offend their customers by being too direct. Read on to see a few things mechanics want to tell their customers, but rarely do.

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The Toolbox


Be sure to check out COPilot's Facebook page HERE and drop us a line to tell us how we’re doing.

After all, unlike typical vehicle service contracts, COPilot is all about the Member experience, and we want to know what you would do to improve that experience. Facebook is a tool that helps us interact with our Members and ensure we're providing the answers they need.

We certainly appreciate your liking, sharing, and most of all, reviewing us, especially if you've had a great claims experience or really appreciate the extra benefits COPilot provides!

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Need to check out a used vehicle before purchasing? Click HERE to visit CarFax – the most trusted automotive data reporting service.

CarFax will let you know the entire reported service history of any vehicle – a valuable tool for today’s intelligent car buyer.

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NADA Values

Need to know the book value of your vehicle, or a vehicle you’re considering purchasing?

NADA Guides are used by automotive dealers and service providers every day across the globe to determine appropriate values for each exact vehicle. NADA’s online value tool can be found HERE and will provide you an idea of what your vehicle is worth at any given time.

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