Simple Tricks to Extend Your Battery Life

By: Dave's Garage at COPilot

Your car battery is extremely important as it allows your vehicle to start and run. You should keep your battery in good condition and inspect it often to ensure a full life.

Corrosion on your battery terminals or acid leakage, is a sign of a failing battery. Battery terminals, battery posts, and sometimes cables will display a fuzzy looking white, blue, or green corrosive substance. When this happens, you may have a slow engine crank, check engine light, and possibly a condition where the vehicle will not start at all.

Cost and Upkeep of a Car Battery

The average cost of replacing a battery is $150 to 200 for a quality battery and professional installation. I recommend a quality, name-brand battery to ensure the maximum life and a safer replacement for the more computerized vehicles on the roads today. Cleaning the battery terminals is a simple DIY anyone can do.

Safety First! Remember to wear gloves and goggles in case of an unexpected acid leakage or explosion.

  • Disconnect the battery (NEGATIVE first and then POSITIVE).
  • Mix a solution of ONE (1) cup of hot water with ONE (1) tablespoon of baking soda.
  • Dip a toothbrush in the solution and scrub along the terminals and the top of the battery.
  • Rinse the terminals, battery, battery tray, and surrounding area with warm water to remove any leftover corrosive substance.
  • Reconnect the battery cables, positive first and then negative.
  • Coat the battery terminals with protectant.
  • The final step isn't required, but a good practice. You can find a small aerosol can of battery terminal protector at your local auto parts store. Remember, proper maintenance will prolong the life of your vehicle and save you money. Another benefit of choosing COPilot over typical extended warranties is that COPilot will pay for some of your maintenance items like oil changes and tire rotations. No traditional service contract or extended warranty offers that!

    Of course, if you're on the road and in a real bind, you can dump a can of Coca-Cola (ice not required) on the terminals to eat away at some of the corrosion.

    Drive safe and remember COPilot Keeps You in Control!


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