COPilot FAQ's

  1. What is COPilot

    COPilot represents a revolutionary and innovative way of providing consumers with automotive service benefits that is unkike any extended warranty or service contract you;ve ever seen! Some of the best minds in the automotive service business came together with the intent to build a new concept centered around its Membership – the result was COPilot.

    COPilot offers all the benefits you'd expect from a great vehicle service agreement, plus adds many of the most innovative benefits from many other types of service plans available through your dealership, at a fraction of the cost, with no long-term contract or hidden commissions. To put it directly, COPilot is everything you've been missing from an automotive service protection plan.

    We The COPilot Concept has completely redefined how consumers acquire valuable protection to begin with. By making our concept flexible, affordable at any point in the vehicle ownership cycle, making our benefits portable, and by creating a model where we rely upon your constant satisfaction as a Member, we are challenging an industry that for years has ignored consumers.

    Click HERE to learn more about how affordable COPilot is for you in as little as 60 seconds, without having to provide us any personal information!

  2. Is COPilot a Vehicle Service Contract or Extended Warranty

    COPilot is technically neither a Vehicle Service Contract or an Extended Warranty. Rather, we are an innovative concept that is redefining those terms for consumers.

    Most states basically define a Vehicle Service Contract (or Agreement) as an agreement between an Administrator and a Contract Holder in which the Administrator agrees to provide a predetermined level of coverage for certain losses, over a pre-determined period of time and mileage (term) for a certain vehicle to the Contract Holder. An Extended Warranty is essentially the same concept, but it's typically sold by the entity who also sold the product being covered (in the case of a vehicle, the dealership). Generally, consumers use the terms interchangeably.

    COPilot is easily viewed as something entirely different, for many reasons, including:

    1) Unlike most VSCs or Extended Warranties that expire once you reach a certain time or mileage limitation, COPilot does not limit your time or mileage to a pre-determined term, rather we provide you the flexibility to renew your Membership with us on a month-to-month basis. This is very different from any other concepts on the market that simply finance a single upfront premium to help you afford their high-priced products. COPilot Membership never expires by mileage. Once you enroll an eligible vehicle in a COPilot plan, that coverage will remain in effect as long as you maintain an active Membership.

    2) COPilot cannot be sold at dealerships. This is because, by keeping hidden commissions and high dealerhsip retail markup out of the equation, we make COPilot affordable to you. In fact, it's the single most affordable way to obtain this type of coverage, not counting the extra value we provide!

    3) COPilot Membership isn't permanently tied to one vehicle. Instead, we allow our Members to transfer their benefits to a new/replacement vehicle should they change their personal vehicle. This eliminates the feeling that you paid so much for something and ended up never using it or receiving no value for your purchase.

    4) COPilot provides a wide variety of benefits that simply aren't included in typical Service Contracts like our exclusive Auto Insurance Deductible Reimbursement benefit, where COPilot will reimburse you any time you have to pay a deductible for an auto insurance claim on your enrolled vehicle. Try gettign that from a traditional Extended Warranty!

    5) COPilot has NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS. Your Membership remains active as long as you want it to! Many COPilot Members have completely sworn off of Vehicle Service Contracts, knowing they can simply stay with COPilot forever!

    6) One critical difference is that COPilot, as a Membership concept that relies upon your monthly satisfaction in order to keep your business, is much more likely to perform for you, especially in times where judgment is the deciding factor, as opposed to traditional Service Contracts that grab all of your premium dollars on the day you purchase, leaving you at their mercy or legal obligation as to whether or not a claim is paid.

    7) Only COPilot offers CO$hare Rewards. CO$hare is our way of introducing the concept of cooperative business to the auto service industry. As COPilot grows and saves money by paying for preventative care, unlike other companies, our savings get passed right back to our Members! Typical Service Contract programs are designed to help dealerships, agents, and insurance companies profit, and generally share this type of underwrtiing profit these vital sales partners, whereas COPilot shares our profits with our COPilot team (our non-executive associates) as they help our company thrive by taking care of our Members, and most importantly, our Members!

    COPilot has completely changed the landscape, and we expect to create a wave of changes as industry players see the right way to do business! Seeing, ultimately, is believing, so we invite you to take 60 seconds to find out how affordable Membership is by clicking HERE for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION quote!

  3. What if I Change My Mind

    There is absolutely no risk with COPilot! First, your money is not all spent upfront as in other warranty-type programs that are rolled into an auto loan or purchased with a credit card, because COPilot is truly a month-to-month Membership. Cancelling or making changes to your COPilot Membership at any time is no problem. Just call us at 877-MY-COPILOT (877-692-6745) or email us at and we’ll help you figure out whether or not cancellation makes sense for you, or what changes suit your needs the best.

    Our goal is always to exceed our Members' expectations at every interaction. If you deem that cancellation is truly the best option for you, we’ll cancel your Membership immediately and stop any further Renewal Payments. If you cancel within the first 30 days, and haven't had any benefits paid, you receive a refund of your Membership Fee. If you cancel any other time afterwards, there is a low $25 Cancellation Fee.

    Most importantly, you're not waiting on a refund that may never come.

    Compare that with traditional Vehicle Service Contracts and extended warranties, where all of your hard-earned money is collected by the administrator upfront, and more often than not, financed in your auto loan. If you cancel such contracts, a pro-rated refund of your unearned premium is refunded to you or paid to any financing, minus a Cancellation Fee that is typically around $50 (the maximum allowed by most states).

  4. I Have Coverage Under an Existing Warranty. Is COPilot Still Available to Me

    Absolutely! COPilot is an excellent alternative to traditional service contracts and extended warranties from the dealership.

    We often tell people, "Friends don't let friends by extended warranties!" Extended warranties offered by the dealership (and certainly aftermarket service contracts) often cost thousands more than COPilot and offer relatively little in terms of benefits. If you're considering buying a vehicle and want the peace of mind that comes with great coverage, do yourself a favor and compare their product to COPilot.

    If you've recently purchased a service contract and want a COPilot Coverage Specialist to review your existing coverage, we're happy to help. We'll show you line by line how our benefits stack up against the competition, and show you how you can save with COPilot.

    If you're one of the millions of folks who bought coverage at the dealership because you thought that was your only option, relax!

    Getting out of a service contract is easier than you think. In most states, the administrator is legally bound to offer cancellation and regulated on how much they can charge you for a Cancellation Fee. If it has been 30 days or less since your purchase, generally they are required to provide you a full refund. The catch is, if you financed the purchase, the refund will be paid to your loan, not directly to you.

    After the initial 30 days, your refund is more often than not pro-rated, and you're charged a $50 Cancellation Fee less any claims that have been paid. That's still a far cry from the thousands you'll save by switching to COPilot!

    In fact, we know exactly how to help you replace your existing coverage with a COPilot Membership and help you maximize your benefits while getting free from the existing contract! If you are switching from existing coverage (including the original factory warranty), ask a COPilot Member Support associate about our FastTrack Coverage Conversion Option! FastTrack allows you to jump ahead to coveted Elite status immediately! No waiting period for COPilot benefits and possibly no out of pocket expense to start!

    You can also get some great insight by checking out our article entitled "Top 10 Extended Warranty Tips" on Dave's Garage HERE.

  5. Does COPilot Provide Bumper to Bumper Coverage

    No...and be careful.  No warranty or service contract in existence does, despite what salespeople who don’t understand what they’re selling, or those motivated by commissions may tell you.

    Bumper to Bumper coverage is non-existent, even from the dealership, because there are many exclusions from coverage that are often not disclosed, even under the top level plan you may be offered. To better understand warranty coverage, you should keep in mind that there are two major types of coverage: Stated (also known as Named Component), and Exclusionary.

    Stated coverage is bet defined as coverage where each component that is covered is listed directly in the coverage Terms & Conditions, and only those items listed are covered. Exclusionary coverage is best defined as coverage where everything on the vehicle is covered except those items specifically excluded.

    COPilot is the only Membership that offers coverage that actually increases over time. Most extended warranty plans and service contracts decrease coverage or set it at a level chosen upon purchase. COPilot Membership begins at the Gold level, and automatically grows to our Elite level after twelve continuous months of Membership!

    Our Gold and Platinum levels are a Stated coverage, and Elite coverage is Exclusionary. This is important, becuase it means you're not deciding on the right coverage based on affordability as with traditional plans. Instead, you're getting the best coverage money can buy for thousands less! Plus, with COPilot, you receive a lot of benefits traditional plans just don't offer, like FREE oil changes and Auto Insurance Deductible Reimbursement.

    Click here to review the wide variety of exclusive benefits COPilot provides.

  6. What is CO$hare

    CO$hare is a program that rewards Members for loyalty and proper vehicle maintenance by sharing in our underwriting earnings with Members. You heard that right – sharing with our Members!

    Usually, in the service contract industry, service contract programs that earn a profit generally share those profits with partners in the sales channel. This includes agents, dealerships, and insurers who all support the ongoing sales efforts of the program.

    There are absolutely NO COMMISSIONS paid to agents or dealers by COPilot. Instead, we pass those savings on to our loyal Members. CO$hare is exclusive to COPilot.

    Every year since our inception, we've been able to pay a CO$hare Reward Payment to our Members. The most recent CO$hare Reward Payment issued in January 2017 (based on activity during 2016) was $166.72 per qualified plan.

    Members can now choose among three options for receiving this Reward Payment, including a check directly issued to them! Other options include a matched contribution to our chosen charitable organization, Emergency Chaplain Group, supporting the lives and health of first responders, and contribution to a Personal Automotive Savings Plan which they can use for any automotive services in the future in addition to those covered under their COPilot benefits.

    Start earning your CO$hare Reward by getting a FREE, no obligation quote HERE or call 855-4-COPILOT (855-426-7456).

  7. What Makes COPilot Different

    COPilot is entirely different that anything you've likely seen, for a lot of good reasons:

    MEMBER SERVICE VS DEALERSHIP PROFIT: COPilot exists for the benefit of consumers (our Members), not agents or dealerships who sell our products. This is a fundamental difference between COPilot and traditional service contracts or extended warranties, which were essentially created as a tool for ensuring dealers remained profitable in a strongly competitive vehicle market. In the automotive industry, profits from actual vehicle sales have been shrinking for decades, and that revenue is being replaced with product sales through the finance and insurance department.

    This is much more important after you have joined. Under traditional service contracts, the administrator has all of your money upfront, and they realize profit over time by keeping what they've collected in premiums. This means that if you have a claim that could either be denied or approved based upon individual judgement, you're more likely to face a denial. With COPilot, we have flipped that concept totally upside-down by making ourselves dependent upon your consistent satisfaction in order to realize any earnings. We only prosper if we keep you coming back, so gray area claims are much more likely to be judged from an entirely different perspective. Basically, if we can justify paying benefits, we do!

    VALUE & FLEXIBILITY: COPilot offers comprehensive benefits in one affordable risk-free month-to-month Membership concept with no long-term contracts.

    INNOVATIVE BENEFITS: COPilot offers a wide array of exclusive benefits on top of what you'd expect from a traditional warranty that other plans simply don’t. Some of our exclusive benefits include:

    • FREE Oil Changes & Tire Rotations
    • Auto Insurance Savings & Insurance Deductible Reimbursement
    • 24Hr Emergency Roadside Assistance (That's Better Coverage than the Nation's Leading Provider)
    • Up to 10¢/Gallon Fuel Savings at Buc-ee’s® & Gulf®
    • Annual State-Requried Safety Inspections
    • Auto Service Discounts for Non-Covered Services Through Nationwide Preferred Service Providers

    All of our great benefits are packaged together with value that is unsurpassed by any other plan or combination of plans available. If that's not enough to convince you we're better, we even offer ReferralRewards, and our annual CO$hare Reward, which pays you cash for taking care of your vehicle and being a loyal Member!

    COPilot Member Support is second to none. We're available 24/7/365 to help you in any way we can. At COPilot, our focus isn't on the dealership or agents, it's on you!

    Discover the COPilot difference by getting a FREE, no obligation quote HERE in as little as 60 seconds!

  8. How Do Fuel Savings Benefits Work

    COPilot Members receive up to 10¢/Gallon Fuel Savings benefits off of fuel purchased at nationwide participating Buc-ee’s® & Gulf® locations using their COPilot Card at marked pumps or submitting copies of qualified receipts for reimbursment.

    If the location you’re visiting doesn’t display the COPilot Card logo on the pump, then it is likely that integration between the location's POS system and COPilot has not yet been completed. Members may still access Fuel Savings by utilizing a reimbursement procedure we have created.

    Fuel Savings reimbursement can be obtained by submitting a complete dated fuel purchase receipt to COPilot by one of the following methods:

    • Submit a scanned copy to COPilot by email at with the email subject Fuel Savings Reimbursement Request; OR
    • Submit a copy of the receipt to COPilot by fax at 832-761-3153, with the fax cover sheet stating Fuel Savings Reimbursement Request; OR
    • Mail a copy of the receipt to COPilot at: COPilot, ATTN: Benefits Administration, PO Box 309, Tomball TX 77377-0309; OR
    • Log in to your COPilot Dashboard and utilize the Reimbursement Request link at the top right to submit the receipt to us electronically.

    The above procedure may also be used if your COPilot Card is not functioning properly at a fuel pump that is indicated as having been integrated. If your COPilot Card isn't functioning properly, please let us know at or 855-4-COPILOT (855-426-7456).

    Saving you on every day automotive expenses is one more way COPilot is setting out to change what you know about warranty coverage. No service contract available offers Fuel Savings benefits.  Find out how inexpensive COPilot Membership truly is HERE.

  9. Do I Have to Take My Vehicle to a Particular Shop for Service


    Unlike most extended warranties that require you to use the dealership for automotive service, COPilot allows you to take your vehicle to any shop you're comfortable with, as long as they are licensed to operate in the legal jurisdiction of their location and repairs are performed by an ASE-certified Master Technician.

    Most automotive service facilities are happy to work with COPilot for many reasons, but mostly because we pay claims fast. Our exclusive claims management process (powered by VPay) ensures a service facility isn't waiting for hours for a service contract provider to call them back with a credit card for payment, or even worse...waiting for a check! What's even more amazing about it is, our system automatically emails you at every step in the process, so you're never wondering what's going on with your claim or if it's been paid.  You'll know at exactly the same moment the shop receives payment!

    There are some additional benefits to choosing a Preferred Service Provider. Certain benefits, like oil & filter changes are generally limited by dollar amount when you use generic oil change centers or dealerships (maximum benefits range between $25 & $75 per service depending on the vehicle and any special circumstances that we've worked out with you), whereas with our Preferred Service Providers, there is a guarantee of no out of pocket expense for approved Scheduled Maintenance services.

    This is mainly because COPilot has already negotiated favorable pricing for you at those locations for certain services, plus some offer you discounts for additional services or parts not covered by COPilot on top of your great COPilot coverage!

  10. How Much Will I Save with COPilot

    COPilot covered services and components can save you THOUSANDS over the life of your vehicle.

    How much you ultimately save depends on various factors including: what alternative service contract or extended warranty with which you're comparing COPilot; how you take care of your vehicle; and your vehicle usage and driving patterns.

    COPILOT vs NO PROTECTION: From a standpoint of how much COPilot saves you over not having any warranty or service contract protection in place at all, consider that an average transmission replacement (which is one of the most common automotive repairs) can run between $1,200 & $4,000, whereas if you have COPilot, a covered transmission repair would only cost you $100! Routine maintenance, such as oil changes & tire rotations cost anywhere between $20 and $125, depending on your vehicle and the manufacturer's recommended oil type. With COPilot, these services may cost you NOTHING! If you factor in the average mileage per year that a driver may accrue, that's an annual savings of another $120 to $500! Just ONE covered breakdown can pay for COPilot, not including the additional savings provided by oil changes, tire rotations, Fuel Savings, Auto Insurance Deductible Reimbursement, and all of the other unique benefits exclusive to COPilot!

    COPILOT vs EXTENDED WARRANTIES: COPilot Membership is savings in your pocket over the dealership's extended warranty or vehicle service contract. Consider this real life example of a typical extended warranty contract sold at a Houston-area dealership (this represents the average price, not the highest price): A ToyotaCare Service Agreement for 5 Yrs/100,000 Miles was sold on a 2017 Toyota Camry (one of the most dependable vehicles on the road) for $2,105, and financed at 2.49% APR for the same five years. This means the customer actually will pay (assuming they pay out the financing over the five years as planned) $37.35/Month for the Service Agreement, and pay an actual total of $2,241 after interest is calculated. This Service Agreement contains no additional benefits such as oil & filter changes, tire rotations, or Fuel Savings.

    COPilot would have cost the same driver only $34/Mo, and we'd include their oil & filter changes, tire rotations, and all of the other great COPilot benefits. Assuming they had no unexpected breakdowns during the five years, COPilot would eventually cost them around $630 (or $10.50/Mo), saving them over $1,611 in coverage cost!

    COPilot Membership is the single most valuable way to protect yourself and your teenage drivers from automotive expenses, because we help manage the risk of unexpected expenses, making them less expensive for each of our Members as individuals. Then, we return a large portion of the program's earnings to our qualified Members who had no Mechanical Breakdown claims paid during the calendar year through our exclusive CO$hare Reward Program, saving another $166.72 per year (based upon the actual 2016 Reward Payment).

    And best of all, COPilot does not require a one-time large payment – the cost of your Membership is based on one month of coverage as you need it – with NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS!

  11. How Can I Join COPilot

    Joining COPilot has never been easier!

    Grab your VIN and current odometer reading and click HERE to obtain a FREE, no obligation, anonymous quote for Membership in as little as 60 seconds! If you'd rather speak to someone, call 877-MY-COPILOT (877-692-6745) and speak with one of our Member Support associates to find out how you can travel with your own COPilot.

    Before you get a quote, you should know there are some basic vehicle eligibility guidelines. COPilot generally is available for most vehicles that are at or below 10 years of age and have 125,000 miles or fewer, but some exceptions are available on certain vehicles.

    If you are affiliated with one of COPilot's approved Affinity Groups, you may also be eligible for savings off of our published Membership rates. For a complete listing of approved Affinity Groups, click HERE and select the state where you live, then on the second page, access the drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen!

    Unlike other service contracts, we'll show you exactly how much it costs to be a part of our program. We won't harass you with numerous sales phone calls or emails trying to force a product on you. If you like what you see, you can enroll an eligible vehicle online immediately. Once you complete the online enrollment process, which takes about two minutes, you'll get an email confirming the setup of your chosen billing method. Soon afterwards, once your Membership application is reviewed, you’ll receive an email including a copy of your new COPilot Member Agreement and letting you know a few items of importance. Within four to six weeks, you'll get your COPilot Card in the mail officially welcoming you to the club!

    COPilot will charge the credit card or account you provide a one-time Membership Fee to begin coverage, followed by monthly Renewal Payments thereafter, as directed by you. All of the details will be clearly indicated on your Membership enrollment screen and by the account setup confirmation you'll receive. You'll never pay the Membership Fee again - it is a one time fee to establish your ability to enroll in eligible benefits.

    Cancel anytime or simply keep enjoying the benefits of membership in COPilot – where we are Keeping You in Control!

  12. Is COPilot Available Where I Live

    COPilot is available in ALL 50 states! To get the most up-to-date information about COPilot availability, click HERE and check for your state at the bottom of the page or call 877-MY-COPILOT (877-692-6745) and speak with a Member Support associate.

    Although many of our extended benefits, such as Fuel Savings are designed to work with partners who are geographically limited to certain markets, most of the COPilot benefit program is universal! You can use most of your benefits anywhere in teh United States and Canada! For full details, our Coverage Specialists can assist you, so don't hesitate to reach out by email at

  13. Is COPilot a Credit Card


    Our COPilot Card is simply a Membership Card, not a credit card or payment card of any kind. It represents our commitment to you is also an easy way for you to access your benefits. You simply present your card to a Service Facility if you're in need of service, use the number on the back to contact 24Hr Emergency Roadside Assistance, or swipe the COPilot Card at an approved Fuel Savings location to save at the pump.

    There is absolutely no credit check required or performed when you're joining COPilot.

    Your COPilot Card also indicates your Membership status. If you joined COPilot and enrolled in a Gold Membership, as you reach Platinum or Elite status, you will automatically receive a new updated COPilot Card. If you enrolled in one of our Silver Memberships, your COPilot Card will remain the same.