COPilot® Changes the Way You Buy Warranty Protection!

About COPilot®

COPilot®is an alternative to a traditional extended warranty you buy from the dealership, saving you thousands and giving you many free services you can’t get anywhere else, like:

  • FREE Oil Changes & Scheduled Maintenance1
  • NO Long-Term Contracts
  • NEVER Expires by Time or Mileage
  • Choose Your Own Shop: No Waiting at the Dealership!
  • Auto Insurance Deductible Reimbursement2
  • Same Great Coverage You Get with a New Car3

COPilot® Puts You First

When you join COPilot®, you become a Member of a revolutionary concept. COPilot® was created to provide the valuable warranty-style coverage you need at the lowest possible cost direct to you. There are no commissions, fees, or added costs by the typical sales process!

You can keep driving the car or truck you love worry-free without suffering through a new car payment, for as low as $34/Month!

TOP SECRET: How Other Warranties Really Cost You

In the late 1970's, as less-expensive Japanese cars began to flood the market, automakers began scrambling for a way to help their dealerships remain profitable, and out of that effort, the extended warranty was born.

Since that time, very little has changed about the products themselves. These products and companies operate to serve the dealerships. Extended warranties are sold to drive you into the dealership’s service department as frequently as possible, where they make up to 60% of their profit!

Facts You Should Consider Before You Buy

Many companies market to consumers using postcards, television advertising, and outbound telemarketing to lure consumers with the promise of bumper to bumper coverage and low monthly payments with no finance charges!

Unfortunately, most consumers respond to these enticements not realizing other options exist. Here are a few things to be aware of when shopping for coverage:

  • Salespeople, not product experts staff most call centers or dealerships and often oversell benefits to increase commissions
  • Consumers generally pay an average of 250%-300% over the actual cost of benefits
  • Most aftermarket financed plans include a hidden Finance Fee built into the Plan Cost that you pay
  • Many dealership-sold service contracts require you to use the dealership's service department for repairs
  • Often plans are sold with the incorrect coverage type leaving you without coverage sooner than you think

Don't get caught! Let one of our expert COPilot® Member Support Specialists review any coverage you have today, or are considering, for FREE and compare cost and benefits so you can make an informed decision!

Solutions for You

COPilot® set out to do something entirely different: deliver the absolute best service quality and reliability to consumers and eliminate the middlemen drive up the cost and tarnish the consumer experience.

COPilot® is a monthly renewable Membership that allows you to obtain access to a wide variety of benefits that matter to you!

Whether you need basic roadside assistance type benefits that protect a young driver to and from school, flat-rate scheduled maintenance benefits through our exclusive Edmunds Insider partnership to enhance your current warranty coverage, or the complete protection of our flagship warranty-style coverage, we've got the best solution for you!

The COPilot® Advantage

We can make and keep this promise because all service provided by COPilot® is provided by COPilot®, not another company whose products we sell. The entire relationship is you and us: we employ no independent agents, no dealers, no outside telemarketers. No one gets in between you and our award-winning Member Support!

Call 877-MY-COPILOT to discover how COPilot® is changing the industry one Member at a time.

What Makes COPilot® Different ?

  • COPilot® exists for the benefits of our Members, not dealers who distribute our products.
  • COPilot® offers benefits of several plans rolled into one affordable monthly price (scheduled maintenance, roadside assistance, AND warranty-style protection)!
  • COPilot® saves you more on the things you need regularly (like fuel, oil changes, maintenance, and even annual state-required safety inspections)!
  • COPilot® Member Support is second to none. We don’t service dealerships and agents: instead, we focus entirely on our Members, and we do it 24/7/365 LIVE!
  • COPilot® offers additional protection you can't get anywhere else (like ReferralRewards & Auto Insurance Deductible Reimbursement (which can save you up to $500 if you have to file an insurance claim for any reason!)
  • COPilot® is the ONLY plan that offers you cash back if you don't have any claims while you're a Member through our exclusive CO$hare Reward!
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