At COPilot®, We Keep YOU in Control!

About COPilot®

When you join COPilot®, you become a Member of a unique organization that represents a revolutionary new concept for the American driver. In short, We Keep YOU in Control of your home and auto budget.

In the late 1970's, as less-expensive Japanese cars began to flood the American market, US automakers began scrambling for a way to help their dealerships remain profitable, and out of that effort, the extended warranty was born. The idea was simple: offer a product that gives consumers a little extra peace of mind buying American while at the same time bolstering dealership profits.

Since that time, very little has changed about the products themselves. The providers and third-party administrators of traditional extended warranties (aka service contracts) operate to serve the dealerships. After all, as long as dealerships continue to sell their products, and everyone continues to grow profit, why would anyone think a change is needed? In fact, dealerships now offer an entire array of products that offer coverage for everything from theft, to paint, to remote key replacement, all designed to enhance revenue from finance and insurance sales.

Over the past several years, the idea of capturing some of the $20 BILLION annual industry revenue has attracted several companies that also market to consumers using direct mail, television advertising, and outbound telemarketing to lure consumers with the promise of "bumper to bumper" coverage and low monthly payments with no finance charges!

Unfortunately, most consumers respond to these enticements not realizing other options exist. Since most of the sales of these products is handled by third-party call centers staffed with salespeople, not coverage experts, consumers can easily fall prey to inaccurate information and rehearsed sales tactics, which in the end, cost them THOUSANDS!

COPilot® set out to create something entirely different: an organization that delivers the absolute best service quality and reliability to consumers and eliminates the profit-driven middlemen who have tarnished the vehicle ownership and service protection experience.

In short, we knew we would ruffle some feathers, and we’re not ashamed of that!

COPilot® is a monthly renewable Membership that allows you to obtain access to a wide variety of benefits, well beyond those of a typical vehicle service contract, but more importantly, on your terms!

Our mission is to deliver incomparable Member service and benefits, all at an exceptional value so you can focus on the things that really matter in life. We can make and keep this promise because all service provided by COPilot® is provided by COPilot®, not some other company that we sell coverage for. The entire relationship is you and us: we employ no independent agents, no dealers, no outside telemarketers. No one gets in between you and our award-winning Member Support!

Call 855-4-COPILOT to discover how COPilot® is changing the industry one Member at a time.

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What Makes COPilot® Different ?

  • COPilot® exists for the benefits of our Members, not profit-taking agents or dealers who distribute our products.
  • COPilot® offers benefits of several plans rolled into one affordable monthly price (Scheduled Maintenance, Mechanical Breakdown Protection, AND additional benefits unsurpassed by any other plan available).
  • COPilot® offers additional benefits other plans simply don’t (like ReferralRewards, Fuel Savings, Auto Insurance Deductible Reimbursement, service & parts discounts through Preferred Service Providers, and even annual state-required safety inspections)!
  • COPilot® Member Support is second to none. We don’t service dealerships and agents: instead, we focus entirely on our Members, and we do it 24/7/365 LIVE!
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