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COPilot® Membership is America's Best Value

COPilot® Membership is the most affordable way to establish protection and obtain automotive benefits for you & your family!

Traditionally, extended auto warranties (or vehicle service contracts) are sold by dealerships because they are designed to enhance the dealership's profitability. Although they fulfill a basic consumer need, these products generally retail for thousands of dollars because dealerships typically charge at least TWICE the cost from the agent or provider for most service contract programs in order to compensate for smaller margins on vehicle sales. To make matters worse for consumers, the cost is financed with their auto loan, which translates to additional cost through interest.

Outside of the dealership, many financial institutions, such as credit unions, also offer these products in conjunction with obtaining auto financing since the large purchase price can easily be rolled into an auto loan. Legally, purchase of a service contract cannot be required to obtain auto financing, but this is often offered as an option because most consumers perceive certain savings at a credit union over the dealership.

After the original vehicle purchase, often towards the end of the original warranty term, many third party re-sellers or telemarketers of aftermarket vehicle service contracts will market to consumers. These entities are the source of most consumers' general fear of the warranty industry as a whole because of many factors, including price, reliability, and coverage offered. In most cases, the price is extremely high because such companies require higher margins to account for marketing expenses necessary to drive business to them, and the programs are often packed with commissions and retail markups payable to several parties involved in the sales process. Some more reputable products and companies exist, but they all ultimately fall short of COPilot®.

COPilot® is essentially an alternative to these traditional products because of our comprehensive benefits (much more than a typical warranty), our flexible Membership structure that doesn't lock consumers in to a long term contract, portability that means your COPilot® benefits stay with you, not your vehicle, and affordability.

Take a quick minute, and let COPilot® provide you a quick and anonymous quote for Membership, so you can see for yourself the absolute best value and reliability available. You only need your VIN and odometer to get started, so click the button below to get your FREE, no-obligation quote in as little as 60 seconds!

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COPilot® Membership Fee

When you join COPilot® for the first time, there is a one-time, per household Membership Fee that establishes your ability to enroll in any or all of our available benefits. Generally, this Membership Fee is $199, payable upon initial enrollment in any COPilot® monthly renewable plan, and establishes a COPilot® Membership for your entire household (including students away from home at college). Individual plans that are established within that Membership are not charged another Membership Fee. COPilot® also provides many ways to reduce this Membership Fee or waive it entirely. Check out the COPilot® Affinity Groups section below for details!

COPilot® Affinity Groups

COPilot® recognizes various groups as an Affinity Group. People affiliated with these approved Affinity Groups are eligible for a reduced Membership Fee ($100 discount), on top of permanent discounts on all of our great benefits plans (including $5/Mo discount on each enrolled COPilot® GOLD, PLATINUM, or ELITE auto benefits Membership).

If your company or group is not affiliated with COPilot®, and you think they should be, let us know and we’ll reach out to them. We’re always looking for ways to let people across America know about us and work with groups that help keep America moving! Call 877-MY-COPILOT to find out more details about special offers and other discounts customized for your needs.

Look below to see a highlight of some of our most popular Affinity Groups! We recognize many Affinity Groups including Veterans, Senior Citizens, and all first responders, in addition to the ones highlighted below. A complete listing is available in our FREE Quote area.


Over 87,000 United® employees work hard every day to ensure that over 148 million passengers make it safely to their destinations, with as much comfort and reliability as possible.

As a small Thank You for your dedication and hard work helping unite the world by connecting people to the moments that matter most, COPilot® not only provides you our Affinity Group discount, we also offer you a special additional benefit to make getting to work just a little bit easier when you need it!

Employees of United®, click the button below to visit our exclusive dedicated United® page, and learn how COPilot® saves you THOUSANDS off the cost of typical auto extended warranties.

United® Employees

Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America is one of the nation's largest and most prominent values-based youth development organizations. The BSA provides a program for young people that builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops personal fitness.

In our communities, COPilot supports Scouting by offering FREE Auto Maintenance Merit Badge workshops, where we provide the environment and tools for a Scout to complete this interesting and important merit badge!

For Scouters and their families, COPilot also provides tremendous savings off of the cost of vehicle service protection by recognizing BSA as an Affinity Group.

To find out more about our BSA-approved Auto Maintenance Merit Badge workshop program in the Houston metro area, please email us at

Gulf® Oil

Gulf® has been a recognized brand in energy since 1901 and the Spindletop gusher outside of Beaumont TX. Gulf® is working hard to expand its brand across the nation outside its substantial presence in New England, especially where it all began: right here in Texas!

As a COPilot® Preferred Service Provider, and one of our nationwide Fuel Savings providers, employees of Gulf® and its extensive franchise network enjoy access to COPilot® through our Affinity Group program, which represents substantial savings off of typical auto extended warranty protection options.

The StoneEagle Group

StoneEagle has been providing innovative product administration systems and data driven business solutions since 1967. StoneEagle offers a suite of web-based software solutions that automate, simplify, and integrate business processes.

We are fortunate to work with such a dedicated team. Their focus in acting as our exclusive provider of administrative systems enables us to deliver the highest quality and value to our Members with great efficiency. StoneEAgle's systems and processes are at the very heart of COPilot's day to day operations, from their SEcureAdmin administration platform to their innovative VPay claims processing system, StoneEagle makes it possible for COPilot to do what COPilot does.

Employees of StoneEagle are qualified for COPilot’s Affinity Group program, which saves them on personal auto service protection, and provides a much more comprehensive package of benefits than those typically included in traditional auto warranties.

Emergency Chaplain Group

Emergency Chaplain Group serves our community's first responders by providing chaplaincy service to EMS, Fire, Paramedic, and Police agencies both on-scene and behind the scenes with an emphasis on critical incident stress mitigation. The services offered by Emergency Chaplain Group are vital to the health and welfare of our public safety officers.

The group's slogan is In the most critical time of need, they help you. Then, we help them.

COPilot is proud to support our everyday heroes by donating a portion of all Membership Fees to Emergency Chaplain Group, and providing discounts for our automotive benefits to all Emergency Chaplain Group staff for COPilot membership.


For more than 50 years, AAMCO® centers have been the experts in the diagnosis, service, and maintenance of transmissions, 25 million and counting. That’s a lot of know-how, a lot of experience, and a lot of very satisfied customers.

As an auto repair service provider, AAMCO® has extensive experience dealing with most extended warranty plans, and consistently ranks COPilot as the top choice for its nationwide network of franchise Total Car Care Centers.

As one of COPilot's Preferred Service Providers, and our exclusive nationwide automotive service center partner, all employees of AAMCO® are eligible for the COPilot Affinity Group discount, saving them thousands off the cost of traditional auto warranty plans.


For over 60 years, TDECU has been serving a community of more than 200,000 Members who count on them each day to be part of their lives. In order to best support Members, they get to know you on a personal basis in order to serve you well financially. They strive to learn your financial goals and dreams in order to find the products and services they know will help you get there.

Employees & Members of TDECU have access to unparalleled benefits through the COPilot Select program, available exclusively at TDECU!

COPilot Select offers an innovative alternative to traditional extended warranties and aftermarket service contracts with a lower cost than standard plans available to the public, because after all...Membership has its privileges.

TDECU employees are dedicated to helping you and your family find customized solutions for your financial needs, so visit a TDECU Member Center today or click the button below to visit our dedicated COPilot Select information page.

COPilot Select

Buc-ee's Employees

Buc-ee's has become a Texas landmark.  Some even call it a gas-tination. Loyal fans of the beaver love Buc-ee's for their notoriously clean restrooms, amazing selection of great food and drink products, and endless supply of fuel with some flagship stores having as many as 120 pumps!

Buc-ee's not only enjoys a great following from Texas travelers - it's also known as a fantastic place to work, with outstanding employee benefits and a culture of fun.

Now, Buc-ee's employees across Texas have access to great savings off of traditional auto warranty plans plus the many benefits of COPilot for their own vehicles, including fuel savings at their own place of work, all at a discount as one of COPilot's Affinity Groups.

The Work Lodge Members & Employees

The Work Lodge creates incredible, collaborative workspaces for solopreneurs, small business owners, and other remote workers because they believe you should be free to focus on what you do best (your business), while they provide and manage everything related to your workspace (their business).

By removing the hassle of finding, negotiating, and maintaining your own office space, The Work Lodge gives you more of something that money can’t buy…your time!

Employees & Members of The Work Lodge receive Affinity Group discounts on COPilot Membership, another valuable tool in their business, saving them thousands off the cost of typical vehicle service contracts, plus providing an extraordinary array of additional automotive service benefits!

Tomball Fire Department

The Tomball Fire Department is made up of some of the finest fire protection professionals in Texas. The men and women of the department respond to various types of emergencies with a sense of urgency and a caring attitude. They are committed to the safety and well-being of the Tomball community and constantly strive to make Tomball not only the best place to live, but also the safest.

COPilot is proud to offer all officers and staff of our hometown Fire Department unbeatable savings off of the cost of traditional auto service protection plans, along with the unique benefits that make COPilot the best value for automotive service.

Tomball Police Department

The Tomball Police Department continues its relentless pursuit of excellence and increased patrol staffing with highly qualified officers, trained in various expert areas above and beyond the typical field of expertise displayed by most small community law enforcement agencies. Such strategic measures are taken to meet the ever increasing service needs of the fast growing Tomball community.

COPilot has recognized the Tomball Police Department as an Affinity Group in the hope that we can support those who serve our community by saving their families thousands off of the cost of protection typically provided by expensive auto warranty plans, and by offering them discounts towards unique COPilot benefits they'd otherwise not have access to.

Tomball ISD

Tomball ISD is a highly regarded public school system with a reputation for excellence. The faculty and staff serve our community's students in modern, well-equipped facilities that were designed and built with students and their needs in mind. The district is committed to high student achievement characterized by quality instruction, equality of opportunities and resources, and demonstrated results.

Tomball ISD also maintains a strong foundation of guiding principles, beliefs, and a visionary mission of the future.

This philosophy, along with the dedication of individual Tomball teachers and staff, makes COPilot proud to offer thousands in savings on automotive service benefits to this outstanding group and their families.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Our Members are your best source of finding out just how truly beneficial COPilot® Membership is.  Here is a small sample of what our Members say:

Chelsea from Tomball TX:

COPilot® is a company that really cares about their Members. I am a SILVER Member, and as such, I didn't expect the service I received from COPilot®. I was out with my two children (ages two months and five years) when my car wouldn't start. I called COPilot® to ask what I might do to start my car, and what was going on. David personally walked me through the problem, helped me solve it, and had me on the road and home in a few minutes. As a SILVER Member I expected a tow truck; what I received was real help and concern. I am so glad I have COPilot®!

Missy from Cypress TX:

GREAT program! I couldn't be happier with the service provided so far. COPilot® associates are very personable and professional. They even took the time to answer questions I had when purchasing a used vehicle.

Liz from Beaumont TX:

Thank you COPilot® for the quick response. I had to have my oil changed while out of town and couldn't use my local favorite shop. I contacted you as to how to handle the situation. You said to email the receipt and I would be reimbursed. I received the check within three days! Thank you for handling your business promptly and I am very happy to be a part of COPilot®!

Jason from Houston TX:

I have been looking for a plan to cover my older, high mileage vehicle. COPilot® was able to offer me protection when other companies would not. I plan on adding a Membership for others in my family as well.

Virginia from Tomball TX:

My husband & I recently joined COPilot®. Wouldn't you know it, within only a few months, my husband's transmission gave out. We took it to a great AAMCO shop near us, and they took care of EVERYTHING! They even had a rental car for us at the AAMCO so we weren't inconvenienced at all. Best part is, it only cost $100 out of pocket for a complete transmission replacement! We were back on the road with no lost time or a huge hit to our savings account! COPilot® is a MUST HAVE!

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Think because you already bought an extended service plan, COPilot® can't help? Think again!

In most cases, you have the legal right to cancel existing coverage and obtain a refund of some kind. The amount depends on the state where you live, how long you've had the plan, and if you've had claims paid or not. If the plan was financed, in most cases, any refund is applied to your loan first.

COPilot® Member Support can assist you with this by reviewing your existing plan at no cost to you. Most plans on the market today are sold through dealerships or telemarketers and quite simply, you probably paid too much.

If we help you switch from active coverage under an existing plan to a new COPilot® Membership, you may qualify for our FastTrack Coverage Conversion Option.

With FastTrack, because you've been under previous coverage from another plan, we are able to immediately jump you to our COPilot® ELITE Membership! Call 877-MY-COPILOT or email today to find out if your existing plan might be costing you too much!