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Far beyond the services available through traditional extended warranties and service contracts, COPilot brings together a network of providers of automotive products and services to save Members money and provide a no-hassle total approach to owning your vehicle. Through our Preferred Service Provider network (which is ever-growing), Members have access to no-cost or discounted services such as:

Gulf® (A COPilot Fuel Savings Partner)

Gulf® has been a recognized brand in energy since 1901, getting its start right here in our backyard at the Spindeltop oil fields of Southeast Texas. Currently Gulf Oil LP has operations in 27 states and the Caribbean. Among Gulf Oil LP activities is the distribution of quality motor fuels, both gasoline and diesel, to over 2,000 branded outlets as well as 1,000 private label retail outlets operated by major chain retailers.

Gulf Logo (Gulf is a Fuel Savings Partner of COPilot)Gulf® also supplies heating oil, lubricants, and are a major provider of bio-fuels. Gulf® owns and operates 12 proprietary terminals as well as supplies wholesale product through 75 other terminals in its 27 state footprint. Gulf® is involved in sourcing and blending of motor fuels and is one of the nation’s largest users of ethanol in its blending activities. Gulf® owns and dispatches through its fleet of almost 200 trucks.

While Gulf® is primarily today dealing in petroleum-based products, the company is firmly committed to developing alternate energy sources for both transport as well as other energy demand sectors such as commercial, industrial, and residential uses. The company currently also offers electricity to residential customers in Connecticut, Maine, and Massachusetts, with more states planned.

Since 2014,COPilot has been partnering with Gulf® to deliver Fuel Savings benefits to our Members in Texas, the Midwest, and New England. COPilot Members receive 5¢/Gallon savings off of fuel purchased at nationwide participating Gulf® locations using their COPilot Card. Use our mobile service station locator to find one near you!

Learn more about COPilot's Fuel Savings program HERE.

Buc-ee's® (A COPilot Fuel Savings Partner)

Maybe it's their reknowned Beaver Nuggets, but whatever it is for you, Texans know that Buc-ee's® is not only on the road to your destination, Buc-ee's® is often the destination for many of us! In fact, Bon Appetit, a national magazine centered around food and all thing related, has named Buc-ee's® the Best Rest Stop in America, according to a 2016 Fort Worth Star-Telegram article.

Buc-ee's Logo (Buc-ee's is a COPilot Fuel Savings Partner)

Family owned and operated since 1982, Buc-ee's® features locations with supremely clean restrooms, outstanding fresh deli food choices, a cornucopia of popular snacks, and above all else - fuel pumps...lots of fuel pumps. Some locations have as many as 120 pumps operating continuously making for a quick pit stop with no delays! If you're driving through Texas, you simply cannot pass Buc-ee's®!

COPilot Members can utilize Fuel Savings benefits at participating Buc-ee's® locations throughout Texas (and coming soon, Louisiana). So, go ahead and get that Big Red Icee! With savings of 5¢/Gallon from COPilot, you earned it. COPilot Select Members, through TDECU Credit Union, can save an additional amount (up to 20¢/Gallon using their TDECU Credit Card at the pump.

Learn more about COPilot's Fuel Savings program HERE.

Member Choice VS Preferred Service Providers

Unlike most vehicle service contracts or extended warranties, where you're forced to use the dealership or a particular repair network, COPilot Members are free to choose any licensed service facility with which they may already have a relationship. However, there are a few advantages to choosing one of our Preferred Service Providers which are highlighted below. If you run into trouble and aren't sure where to turn, remember to call us at 855-4-COPILOT (855-426-7456) and we'll be happy to assist you in locating a trusted Preferred Service Provider near you, or feel free to use our locator above.

AAMCO® (A COPilot Preferred Service Provider)

As a COPilot Preferred Service Provider, AAMCO® is poised to assist COPilot Members with a variety of automotive service needs.

AAMCO® has nearly 900 automotive centers throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, making them the world’s largest chain of transmission specialists and one of the nation’s leaders in complete car care services.

AAMCO® applies a professional approach to maintenance for your entire vehicle. From tune-ups to oil changes, their specially trained technicians make it more convenient for our Members than ever to drive with confidence.


For more than 50 years, AAMCO® centers have been the experts in the diagnosis, service, and maintenance of transmissions, 25 million and counting. That’s a lot of know-how, a lot of experience, and a lot of very satisfied customers. AAMCO® certified technicians have the tools, the training, and the diagnostic equipment to make sure your vehicle is diagnosed right and fixed right. If you think you may have a transmission problem, AAMCO® has the quality service that’s right for your vehicle. Why go anywhere else?

As a COPilot Preferred Service Provider, if you visit AAMCO® for your scheduled maintenance under your Membership, you pay absolutely nothing out of pocket for covered benefits – guaranteed! What's even better, is that unlike most vehicle service plans, COPilot Members also receive 10% of all non-covered services provided by AAMCO® and NO-COST Multi-Point Vehicle Courtesy Inspections.

Spring Auto Pros (A COPilot Preferred Service Provider)

COPilot is proud to feature local facilities that have a following in their respective communities built on trust and quality. Spring Auto Pros is an outstanding representative of that commitment to service excellence in the Houston area. Their flagship location at 4407 Spring-Cypress Rd, Unit A, Spring TX 77388, will amaze you with dedicated and honest service. If you're in the area of Spring/The Woodlands and require any type of service, Spring Auto Pros can get you taken care of with accuracy and care.

Spring Auto Pros Logo

As a COPilot Preferred Service Provider, if you visit Spring Auto Pros for your scheduled maintenance under your Membership, you pay absolutely nothing out of pocket for covered benefits – guaranteed! What's even better, is that unlike most vehicle service plans, COPilot Members also receive 10% of all non-covered services provided by Spring Auto Pros and NO-COST Multi-Point Vehicle Courtesy Inspections.

COPilot Team

Unlike typical extended warranty or service contract companies, COPilot doesn’t employ sales people, nor do we employ anyone outside our Texas home office! When you call or email COPilot, you’re reaching out to a committed and trustworthy automtive and warranty expert – someone who is trained and expected to assist you with anything. We get questions from consumers for things such as how their particular warranty stacks up against COPilot, or what all they need to consider when purchasing a new vehicle, and we're here to help, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Many times, when you call, our Member Support Specialist may refer you to a Coverage Specialist or a Claims Support Specialist, depending on your need. This is not to pass you to someone else to avoid helping you, but necessary in order to match your question with the subject matter expert who has been trained to give you accurate information, so please bear with us if our team might have to contact you back to help with more complex questions - it's the way we avoid wasting your time feeding you some canned answer to get your business.

Whether you need to change your enrolled vehicle, change your address, or want to purchase COPilot as a gift for a loved one, you’re talking to the same Member Support Team and we're quite proud of that fact.

That’s more important than you may realize. Most sellers of vehicle service plans don’t fully understand the coverage - they simply work in a call center dedicated to sales. Some are even difficult to understand or pushy. We want to make sure when you decide to join COPilot, you completely understand the benefits you’re getting, so we don’t operate a room full of telemarketing sales people or auto dealership salespeople.

Call 877-MY-COPILOT (877-692-6745) or email us at support@copiltocard.com to experience the COPilot difference for yourself!