While other service contract programs pay excessive commissions to independent agents and dealerships, COPilot rewards our Members instead! Have interested friends and family provide your Member number to us when they join, and you’ll receive $10 in the mail – it’s that simple. Get 100 friends to enroll…well you do the math!

To maximize your potential rewards, make use of our Facebook, Twitter, or mobile application referral process – it takes only seconds.

CO$hare Rewards

No service contract or extended warranty program anywhere on the market offers a benefit like CO$hare! Qualifying Elite Members will receive a cash back reward bonus annually that can easily add up to as much as four or five months’ worth of the cost of Membership, and we've been able to do it every single year since we created COPilot!

The CO$hare Reward is calculated using factors like overall growth of the program and benefits paid to or on behalf of Members – the faster we grow and more we save on benefits paid, the higher the CO$hare Reward Payment is.

To illustrate the benefit of CO$hare, let's look at an example: imagine you've been a COPilot Member for a year, had no claims other than oil changes and fuel savings, and paid our average of $47/Month for your Membership. Your cost of Membership would have added up to $564 over 2016, less your savings in oil changes and fuel savings of $147, for a pre-reward actual total cost of $417. Our most recent CO$hare Reward Payment (paid January 2017) was $166.72. This means you would have really only paid around $250.28 for an entire YEAR of COPilot! That's only $20.86/Month!

Members helping Members save – that’s COPilot! It's also the kind of value and innovation that no service contract or extended warranty in America can provide!

To find out how COPilot works for you, and how you can take advantage of our great Rewards, you just need your VIN and current vehicle odometer reading to get a FREE online quote without providing us any personal information, and there is NO OBLIGATION!

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