Why COPilot?®

COPilot® Concept

It’s easy to see the surface of what makes us different from a traditional extended auto warranty: our unparalleled and unique concept. COPilot® is not a traditional vehicle service contract or extended service plan with a large upfront premium and a fixed set of benefits that expire (or even decrease) over time and use. Instead, it is a comprehensive array of automotive benefits and services that you actually use, including:

  • PEACE OF MIND knowing your vehicles will continue to perform as long as you own them
  • Benefits for every day expenses on your vehicles such as FREE OIL CHANGES
  • FLEXIBILITY to choose your own trusted repair facility
  • Access to ASE-CERTIFIED AUTOMOTIVE EXPERTS to assist & educate consumers
  • DISCOUNTS for various automotive products & services from Preferred Service Providers
  • 5¢/GALLON FUEL SAVINGS on fuel purchased at participating GULF® & BUC-EE'S® locations
  • 24-Hour EMERGENCY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE across North America
  • TRIP INTERRUPTION benefits including food & lodging
  • All Member benefits accessible through your COPILOT® CARD
  • Access to award-winning 24/7/365 LIVE MEMBER SUPPORT
  • Monthly renewable Membership with NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS
  • PORTABILITY that allows you to transfer your benefits if you change vehicles
  • CASH REWARDS for your loyalty & for sharing COPilot® with your friends & family
COPilot Elite Card Sample

Our goal is that as a Member of COPilot®, you’ll never want to leave. We have created a benefits package that delivers exactly what you need for your car or truck, eliminating much of the hassle of owning or buying a vehicle, and saving thousands off of typical auto extended warranty plans. COPilot® is the future of automotive service!

COPilot® COmmitment

At the heart of our excellence is our people and our commitment to providing extraordinary service to our Members. COPilot® is proud to work with the greatest minds and finest resources ever assembled to bring to consumers something that completely exceeds your expectations of a typical auto warranty program.

COPilot® defines commitment through a unique process. Organizational objectives are known and understood by each and every one of our team, from our employees to external partners on which we rely to deliver our promise of excellence. Achievement of each individual and our organization as a team are both measurable, and constantly monitored. Our performance as a company, both in relation to past milestones and in terms of how we measure up against competition are critical to our success. Each associate knows what his or her personal objectives are and how they contribute to the organization on a daily basis. Meeting our goals is rewarded to the entire organization so they feel the direct effect of their contributions.

This creates an environment of commitment to quality for each other, our organization, our community, and ultimately our Members!

CoPilot® COoperation

Our associates cooperate together as a team towards our mission of changing the public's perception that automotive benefits are only available through traditional vehicle service contracts. Our team, in a cooperative effort with each other and our community is redefining consumer expectations one Member at a time. They know and understand the importance of their role in the organization as individuals, and as a vital component of their respective areas of work. Associates are rewarded for performance and encouraged to grow with the organization. Contribution of, and cooperation between, all of our people is essential: from the newly hired Claims Support Specialist to the experienced Member Support Expert.

We are creating a culture and environment of success at COPilot® that fosters a desire within each associate to achieve and work together to help Members, and in turn, the company.

CoPilot® COnsistency

Our model makes consistent service quality an essential part of our operations. Members trust and depend on us being a reliable organization, and that our services are always available to them. We have invested, and continue to invest, in technology and processes that allow us to show our Members in every interaction that we can be trusted to deliver on our service guarantees. Service quality and systems reliability are constantly measured and analyzed to meet the rigorous standards we set as an organization.

If we fail to exceed the expectations of one Member during any interaction, we identify the exact cause of the failure, make the result positive for our Member, and improve the process to avoid similar circumstances in the future. The result is that our Members consistently know what to expect from us, and those expectations are met or exceeded with almost no exception.

This consistency is absolutely critical to an organization that relies upon a positive Member experience for its success. Unlike typical auto extended warranties, where all of your money is captured upfront, and you're locked in to a long term contract, where benefits are available only if the company is legally bound to perform, COPilot® relies upon a monthly re-commitment from satisfied Members.

In other words, delivering a consistent and positive Member experience is in our DNA.